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Eating in Stuttgart: Plenum

Unbezahlte Werbung - My experience at Plenum

What: Plenum
Where: Konrad-Adenauer-Straße 3, 70173 Stuttgart

(This has to be marked as an advertisement, because I tagged places and brands - not sponsored)

Last weekend i visited my boyfriend in Stuttgart and we got to have dinner at the wonderful restaurant: Plenum.
It's history goes back to 1937. Since then the family business has kept their traditional roots, but always incorporated new and modern touches into their concept to create a high quality experience for any guest. 
The special location directly next to the parliament of Baden-Württemberg is just amazing. The whole restaurant is super open and light with gigantic windows, that let you have a wonderful view of the whole parliament and surrounding garden. And even though it was raining like crazy that day, we still got to enjoy the fantastic location.

When we entered the place, we felt welcome right away. The interior is really minimalistic and modern. Comfortable chairs and sleek designs underlined the high standards of Plenum. Soft curtains separate different seating groups to add some privacy. 

We started of with some sparkling wine and delicious fresh bread along with 2 different dips. Plenum really focuses on regional products and supports local farms. I absolutely love that aspect and you could taste the freshness of every ingredient in the meals.

For our starter Till and I went for a soup. Both were absolutely delicious and garnished with crossly fried bred, topped with sprouts. Definitely a treat for the eyes.

For our mains Till had the swabian roast joint along with some roasted potatoes and I went for the mediterranean veggies covered with puff pastry. Again, we were stunned about how amazing and tasty everything looked. Every single plate is prepared with so much love for detail. Even Till, who normally never takes pictures of his food, had to pull out his camera. 
The vegetarian puff pasty was superb. It tasted like a fluffy veggie lasagne - absolutely amazing.

After that we were quite stuffed already, but the deserts on the menu sounded so delicious, that we just couldn't say no. So we tried the "Meringue Perdu" (a vanilla-fruit combo - obviously super pretty and just perfectly sweet) and the "Caramel mousse" (a caramel explosion in an eatable chocolate bowl - garnished with icecream and creamy fruit, just perfect).

"Loving preparation, an appealing presentation and friendly service - that we are passionate about, you will experience from the first glance to the last bite." 

That is what they say about themselves and I can only agree with that.
The service was super professional and incredibly friendly. We felt so welcomed and the staff answered all of our questions, showed us around and assisted us with the difficult decision, of what to order. I would definitely recommend ANYONE to check out this exclusive gourmet restaurant and treat yourself to a wonderful meal in the heart of Stuttgart.

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