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Fitness and body image...

I have been getting so many questions every single day about my body and what I do to keep me fit. Although I would love to answer everyone in person, I just can't. So I have picked 4 questions, that were asked most frequently.
If your question wasn't answered, feel free to message me on here or on my instagram.

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1. @hannibunnyli: Do you "only" do yoga to keep fit?
Right now I do yoga and I am also running once or twice a week. This always changes though. Sometimes i feel more like swimming, working out in the gym or dancing. I like to mix it up.

2. @flexymichelle: What kind of diet do you follow? You are beautiful.
Thank you so much Michelle. I am a vegetarian. I don't eat meat or fish, but i do consume dairy products. That being said, I am trying to live a healthy lifestlye. Although that doesn't work all the time. I am drinking way to much coffee and sodas, but I am working on that at the moment.

3. @nina.mcaninly: I have just started following your instagram and i really love it. You seem really chilled and at peace.What do you do, when you feel in a low mood to help to combat it? Is there anything i can do for myself to keep me happy? Much love xx
Thanks nina. I am a pretty positive and layed back person, but I do have my lows. And when I have a bad day or a bad week, it's really bad.
You actually sent me that question on a day, where I felt really bad - almost depressed. I had times in my life, where i didn't want to go out of the house, cried every single day, avoided any social interaction and just felt like shit. I think everyone has their own technique to get out of it. But I can tell you my top 5 ways to get out of a low.

  • Going out of the house: Force yourself to get out. Go for a walk or hang out with friends. I have amazing people in my life, that care so much and always get me out of a bad phase.
  • Meditation: I love meditating. Totally concentrating on myself and focusing on my breath. I try to reflect, why I am feeling this way and normally get so much energy from a good meditation session.
  • Pamper yourself: I love taking bubble baths, eating great food, painting my nails or applying a face mask. It is important to look after yourself. Treat your body and soul! It is important, that you feel comfortable with yourself to get better.
  • Start fresh: When you really feel down for a long time, it is amazing to start fresh. Maybe pick up a new hobby, buy a new clothing piece, have a weekend trip and just change your daily routine a little.
  • Be greatful: Always remember the things you are thankful for. Maybe it is your family, maybe it's the sunshine, great food, your warm and cozy bed or simply just the fact you are alive.

4. @Juddgomez: I am crazy about our style, currently looking to improve myself and focus on myself and i would love some tips on that.
I love your mission of focusing on yourself. That is super important and I like that you are trying to work on yourself. I don't want you to think, that I am this perfect angel. I make mistakes, say things I shouldn't, totally fail in certain situations...but I accept it. I accept, that I am human and humans are not perfect. Once you have accepted that, you can reflect on your actions and always try to do better next time. I get inspired to be more kind, gentle and helpful on an everyday basis. A great example was a woman on the tube I saw today. In Berlin, you won't find one tube without a poor person asking for money. This woman was eating some sandwiches and stopped when the poor man came to her and actually gave all of the sandwiches to him. He was so surprised and thankful for food and it made me so happy to see, how selfless this beautiful woman was. Next time, i will do the same thing. And these little occasions sum up and I am trying to incorporate all of these positive characteristics into my own lifestyle.


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    1. Ou ich habe deinen Kommentar total übersehen. Das freut mich so sehr! Vielen lieben Dank du Süße <3