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Staying at Arcotel Camino in Stuttgart.

Unbezahlte Werbung - My experience at Arcotel Camino

(This has to be marked as an advertisement, because I tagged places and brands - I was invited)

I have never been to Stuttgart ever before, but because my boyfriend is living and working there now, I hopped on a plane to visit him for one weekend.
We decided do stay at ARCOTELCamino, because of it's focus on sustainability, the vegan/vegetarian food and of course the amazing location.
When we arrived, we were blown away by the huge windows, that let in a lot of light, making the whole lobby a wide and bright space. We were welcomed with a small tour of the house, showing us the rooms, as well as the fitness and wellness area with their saunas and steaming rooms, the bar and dining area. On top of that we were told all about the history of this specific hotel.
The name Camino isn't just a random title. It refers back of the legendary "Camino de Santiago" or the Way of St. James. The hotel shows little scenes of a pilgrimage in form of art on walls and also in the rooms as well and provides interesting, exciting and knowledgable information on the Jacobins. The entire hotel is designed with a huge eye for interesting details. For example in the elevator. Not the elevator itself, but the lighting on the ceiling. It shows a star constellation of the opening day, which has been lasered into the ceiling. Also you can always find different art pieces on display all around the hotel. They're interested in supporting upcoming artists and give them a chance to show off and maybe even sell their work though the hotel. Me being an artist myself, loved that aspect. All of these thoughts put into the design of the hotel made it feel really cozy and comfortable.

I bet you want to see what the rooms look like by now. They are kept in a warm sandy color with dark wooden furniture and white accents. It all goes back to "Camino de Santiago" and there are even little illustrations of it above the headboard in each room.
We had an open bathroom, which was really cool and a gigantic bed.

And here you can see some of the bigger suites and apartments.

Now let's talk about the food, baby. IT WAS AMAZING. Honestly, if you asked me what the best part of ARCOTELCamino is, then it would definitely be the food for me. We had the standard breakfast, as well as the special sunday brunch. You could eat anything you want. Literally anything. Fruit, muesli, bread, sweet cake, eggs, fish, salads, criossants a gigantic selection of different teas, as well as coffee and fresh juices. And at the sunday brunch we even had Champagne and wine, as well as a lot of different asparagus dishes and warm meals with potatoes, tiramisu, soups, fruity desserts....i could go on and on about it. The only hard thing is knowing when to stop, because we just kept on eating and were so stuffed and tired after each single meal there. 
What I also found really interesting, was the huge honeycomb displayed on the buffet. We found out, that they actually have their own bees on the roof of the hotel. The "Give Bees a Chance" campaign takes care of the preservation of the bee populations whose habitat is threatened by short-sighted and partly reckless behavior in agriculture and by increasing traffic. These sustainable way of thinking shows in the food in general, by only using fresh organic and regional products or even producing lemonades themselves. 

We felt super welcome and happy during our stay and the team was looking after us perfectly. Everything was super clean and organized and if you ever had a question or needed something, there was someone there to assist you. 

I would definitely recommend the hotel to anyone really. It is the perfect place to stay for families, couples or even just yourself. Let me know, if you have ever stayed in an ARCOTEL before?

(* this has to be marked as an advertisement due to the new german regulations, because of the brands mentioned)


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