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Spring in Berlin.

Unbezahlte Werbung - My experience at a flower workshop

The other day I attended a flowercrown workshop at Poemsandposies. They are floral stylists and create beautiful flower arrangements for any event. Their shop in Neukölln is so pretty and the whole event was absolutely photogenic and looked like it just popped out of a pinterest board. The whole workshop was called flower-therapy and it really was therapy for all senses. They started of with positive affirmations and then continued the positive welcoming vibes all throughout the event. You got to physically create something, which was imperfectly perfect. Just how nature is. And to finish it of, we had amazing fresh carrot cake and cocktails. YUM. 
So here are some impressions:

(* this has to be marked as an advertisement due to the new german regulations, because of the brands mentioned)


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  2. Oh wow that looks amazing! I really want to check this place out <3 Thank you for sharing!

    xx Tori