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Drinking nespresso in Düsseldorf.

I got to travel to Düsseldorf to get to know the Nespresso-Team in their official store on Königsallee 19. For me - the biggest coffee addict there is - this was such an exiting trip. When we arrived there, I was blown away by the huge selection of different machines and capsules in all these different colors. But me being a strong advocate for sustainability and an ecofriendly lifestyle, was a bit hesitant at first, considering all that waist, the company produces with their coffee capsules. We were able to taste test different capsules and learn about the discovery of coffee beans and the different ways of production.

I was super surprised to know, that Nespresso only works on a fair-trade base with little farmers. Together with the leading NGO Rainforest Alliance, Nespresso launched the AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program in 2003. The program was established to build long-term direct relationships with farmers from the best coffee growing areas in the world whilst enhancing their productivity, sustainability and coffee quality. 

"Sustainability is an entrepreneurial imperative, a basic principle, for Nespresso, which is the core element of our strategy." Jean-Marc Duvoisin, CEO of Nespresso

They are currently collaborating with 70,000 coffee farmers in 12 coffee producing countries. And they have big plans of expanding even more in the future. I was shocked by all of this information (in a positive way) and it felt good to drink coffee, that is not only really yummy, but also supports the life of little farmers.

But there was still this massive question of all the waist that is produced by the capsules. Our planet already has a massive waist problem and why would we contribute to the already existing issue by drinking capsuled coffee??? 

And also this question was answered. We all hopped onto a bus and went to a massive recycling station to see, how gigantic machines filter out each single Nespresso-capsule to make it reusable again. This really fascinated me. I always thought of all the aluminium capsules, as something bad and just unnecessary, but actually they are the best way of keeping the coffee super fresh and are completely recyclable and therefore really sustainable in comparison to plastic capsules for example. 

„Capsule recycling is one of our priorities, since new products can be made from recycled aluminium again and again. This is why we make it as easy as possible for our consumers to recycle their Nespresso capsules.“ 

Honestly I didn’t expect that at all. But what they also told us is, that consumer participation is essential in the recycling effort. How to recycle them exactly, depends on the country you live in (in Germany for example, Nespresso works with the so called "Grüner Punkt"), so make sure to check their website or just subscribe to their newsletter for always staying up to date.

After hearing and seeing all of that, I have such a good feeling when drinking my Nespresso Coffee every morning and no guilt what so ever. What could be better, than investing in a delicious, fair and sustainable coffee production, that makes me love to wake up every morning.



  1. I never knew about Nespresso being fair and so sustainable. Even though I don't really like coffee but I'd now go there for some hot chocolate or something.



    1. I know right? I feel so good about it now :)