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What do you do with your hair?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is: How do you do your hair, where do you get it done and how to you keep it healthy?

Today I want to show you, where I get my hair done and what exactly happens at the hair dressers.

My trusty salon I go to is called "Wunderhaar Berlin" and is located in the calm district Steglitz. It is a beautiful little salon, really modern and stylish. The whole interior is light and bright and the soft music in the background, as well as the pleasant smell in the air, makes you feel very comfortable and welcomed. 
They also have a little mascot, called Monti. He is probably the cutest dog ever. He is super calm and just adds to the relaxed vibes at the salon.

Before I start with the procedure, I always get offered a fresh drink and some yummy fruit to nibble on. Very delicious! Then I talk to Diana, my hair stylist, about what I want to get done. This time I went for a fresh trim and balayage. You really need to make sure, that you go to a professional salon to get your balayage done. It is very time consuming and has to be done carefully to achieve the desired soft faded effect. Diana knows, how to do it perfectly. 
She also treated my hair with a special deep moisture mask and massaged my scalp, which nearly made me fall asleep.

I think going to a new hair dresser takes a lot of courage and trust, cause us girls especially always want perfect looking hair. But I can just honestly recommend Diana and her salon Wunderhaar to all of you. She will do exactly want you wish for, but will also take your hair structure, skin tone and face shape into consideration, so it will match your style and look AMAZING.

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