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Eating in Krakow: Where to find cute cafes

Last weekend I had my first ever couples trip of my life. My boyfriend and I went to Krakow with 2 really good friends of ours for a weekend. It was my first time ever in Poland and I absolutely enjoyed it. There will be a post about what we did that weekend soon as well, but today I wanted to write about what we ate.

(This has to be marked as an advertisement, because I tagged places and brands - not sponsored)

I didn't expect the cafes to be so stylish and trendy at all. Seems like the "Berlin-hipster-scene" swapped over to Poland as well now.

The first place I want to recommend is called: HAMSA

It is such a cute little place and you will feel like you were just transported to Israel. If you are a hummus-lover, like me, you will be in Paradies. We tried loads of different things. The boys had israeli shish kebab and an israeli beef kebab. We also tried a mezze set, with loads of different little starters and a fattoush salad. The presentation was amazing and the staff was super friendly as well. They all spoke great english and we even had an english menu, so it was super easy to order. 

The second place I want to mention is: CYTAT CAFE

This small little cafe, will make you feel like you are eating at home. Loads of books and comfy seats. Some photos on the wall and self service. It sends really relaxing vibes and is just the right place for a good breakfast to start your day. The presentation here was adorable as well and super friendly staff, that will translate anything for you, you might not understand at first. Big recommendations are their smoothies and little yoghurt parfaits.

Next you should definitely try: POLAKOWSKI 

Different to the two places I named before, this one is typically polish. They will serve you traditional food for very cheap prices. The interior isn't so fancy, but you will still feel comfy and really part of a different culture. Something I would totally recommend are the Pierogi (filled with meat or vegetarian options as well). 

Last but not least check out: THE BLUEBERRY

This restaurant doesn't only have cute interior (even a big tree with fairy lights inside the cafe), but super friendly staff and crazy fancy presentation. The yummy food will be decorated with loads of love on massive plates, that makes it look really exquisite. I can totally recommend the pancakes. They looked and tastes amazing along with some freshly pressed juice.


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