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Eating in Berlin: The Tree

Unbezahlte Werbung - My experience at The Tree

What: The tree
Where: Brunnenstraße 167, 10119 Berlin

(This has to be marked as an advertisement, because I tagged places and brands - not sponsored)

The tiny chinese noodle shop, not far from Alexanderplatz, seems not very exciting from the outside. But inside it is super cozy, stylish and - most important - really yummy. When you enter, you are surrounded by cozy wooden tables and benches with blankets, to get comfortable. There are flowers all around the restaurant and (my personal favorite) even a bathtub filled with greens. It really feels like you enter a little forest.

The staff is super nice and will welcome you right from the start. I went with the lovely Farina to check out this cute place. We chose some yummy homemade ginger Tea, as well as a vegetarian noodle dish along with tons of fresh veggies. To our surprise, we got some free starters as well, that are always included in the lunch-menu. We had some peanut-spinach mix and some other veggies, that we couldn't really identify. Probably it was potato though seasoned in a very different but amazingly yummy way. Also it is arranged really beautifully, so you will definitely get an insta-worthy shot at "The tree". :)
The food was so light and fresh, but filling at the same time. We felt so at home. The staff is always there to assist you with anything you may need. 

For dessert we got something totally new and different as well. It looks like a glass ball and has the consistence of jelly. It is topped with honey and sugar and tastes sweet but refreshing as well. Kind of strange at first, but actually super yummy.

I can only recommend this beautiful little restaurant to all of you. You can not only try extraordinary asian food, but also feel right at home.

(* this has to be marked as an advertisement due to the new german regulations, because of the brands mentioned)


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