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Couples weekend in Krakow.

Unbezahlte Werbung - I got to spend my last weekend in Krakow, Poland. Together with my boyfriend and 2 other friends of ours we had a lovely couples trip.

(This has to be marked as an advertisement, because I tagged places and brands - not sponsored)

Before I start to tell you what exactly we did during our short stay I would like to recommend Männertagebuch to you. My friend Wolfgang, who was with us on the trip is creating beautiful posts on his fairly new blog all about the mind of a man. Feel free to check it out.

But now back to our trip:

From Berlin to Krakow it is a 6-7 hour car ride. Depending on traffic and stuff. So we left at 2pm on a friday and arrived around half past 8. We rented an airbnb in the jewish quarter and were absolutely happy with it. It is the perfect location and our place was super clean and stylish as well. On our first night we were so tired and hungry though, that we didn't really do much and just went to a nice restaurant to end the night. If you want to read about where we ate in Krakow, make sure to click here for my top 4 cafes.

The city of Krakow is just amazing. The architecture is so beautiful and filled with tons of history. It was just lovely to wander through the small streets of the city center and explore little shops and cafes and soak up the polish vibes. The weather was super cold though and it even started to snow a little, so we always had to pop into stores in between to warm up again. 

Art is really big in Krakow. You can find handmade objects, paintings, or design pieces nearly everywhere. Another really interesting spot is the contemporary art gallery, we visited. They had a lot of minimalistic pieces on show and you can honestly spend quite a while admiring great art. Or if you are tired you can chill in the attached cafe and have some cheese cake.

Taxis are super cheap as well. It is definitely a different experience than in Germany though. The cars are super old and the drivers normally don't speak great english, so it was really funny to try to communicate with them and make sure, they knew where we wanted to go.

Clubbing in Krakow is also amazing. People are really open and friendly and you will find a good mix of locals and tourists. Prices are cheap compared to Germany though, so you have to make sure not to get too drunk too quickly. :D 

Anyway - here are some impressions of our great weekend in Poland. Feel free to ask me any questions you have!

 (* this has to be marked as an advertisement due to the new german regulations, because of the brands mentioned)


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