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Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge eating...

Unbezahlte Werbung - The other day I got to talk to Heike Berger (lebenswert-essen.de), a freelance nutritionist from Berlin and ask her all of my questions about eating disorders and how to treat them.

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Heike Berger studied nutritional science and received her degree as a nutritionist with the DGE (German Association for Nutrition). Now she owns her own clinic, called Lebenswert-Essen with her partner Beatrice Zeise (also trained nutritionist) in Berlin, Charlottenburg. 
They both specialize on different aspects on nutrition such as anorexia, bulimia, obesity, as well as diabetes or any food intolerances.

I was super interested in their work, since I have never talked to a professional nutritionist before and coming from an eating disorder past, I have always had an immense interest in food and how to eat healthy.

When I entered the clinic, I felt right at home. It is quite small, but really cozy and warm. Heike awaited me and although I had never met her before, I felt a sense of intimacy and trust with her at once. We sat down and I got to ask all of my questions, that I always wanted to know about nutrition.

Why did you want to become a nutritionist? Was that always your dream job?
Heike told me, she has always been really interested in natural sciences and food in general. She has never suffered any kind of eating disorders or issues with food, but really loves helping people to solve their problems and to learn, how to eat right.

What kind of people come to the clinic? Do you notice a certain pattern?
There are many different kinds of people requesting a consultation, she told me. All genders and all ages. Her youngest client was about 9 years old, but also seniors come by for help. 

How does a consultation usually work?
Each examination starts with a detailed 60min anamnesis, where you can get to know Heike and she'll learn a bit about you as well. Asking about family background, physical conditions, health and wellbeing to find out possible problem areas to work on more detailed in the future. After the first session, she will give you some options on how to go from there and you will set up your next appointment. In order to monitor progress and ensure her recommendations are working for the client, it’s usually necessary to return for a follow-up consultation 2 – 4 weeks later which will last abut 45 minutes. Most clients will attend about 5 sessions in total spread out over a few months. Some people are good to go after two sessions, others need or want more long term support, it really depends on the individual and their needs and wants. However, the aim is to give clients the knowledge and skills to manage their own health, so follow-ups are usually short term.

What is the right way to eat?
No diet is right for every person. Heike really wants to design individual consultations and treatments for each individual client. Listening to your own guidance, your own body is really important. Heike will start fresh with everyone, depending on their personal preference. 

What do you think about vegetarian or vegan diets?
Heike thinks, that everyone should choose their own diet and pick, what they would love to eat. Although Heike thinks a vegan diet in combination with an eating anorexia especially might be concerning, due to the limitation of food choices. 

Do you think it is better to eat 3 big or 5 small meals a day?
There is no simple answer to that. It totally depends on your way of life and when you can make time to eat. Heike recommends a total of 3 to 6 meals each day. 

I had a really emotional talk with Heike, she really allowed me to open up completely and also speak about my past with anorexia. That brought up all these negative feelings but it felt really good to talk to a professional about it.

All in all I can only recommend Heike to all of you, who want to try a nutritional consultation and get your diet in check.

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