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Eating in Berlin: Pola Cafe

Unbezahlte Werbung - My experience at Pola Cafe

What: Pola Cafe
Where: Köpenicker Straße 10 / 10997 Kreuzberg

Today I went to Pola Cafe in Kreuzberg. It is by far the tiniest cafe I have been to in Berlin so far. I guess it may fit 10 people max, but that is pushing it. Although it is so small, you will get a feeling of freedom, when entering. The ceiling and also the whole cafe is filled with plants and makes you think, you eat in a greenhouse. Cool artsy magazines, flowers and colorful pillows accentuate the minimal interior. They serve fresh coffee, homemade juices, sandwiches, soups and loads of sweet treats.

The cafe is run by a super sweet couple. They only serve homemade dishes and created the whole interior and furniture themselves. Not only are they really talented with making yummy food, they are also super friendly. I had a little chat with Masha, that sweetened my day.

Okay now on to the food: I had a yummy cappuccino served in the most adorable blue mug. Along with that I went for a goat cheese sandwich with tomato and basil, as well as some cold pressed green juice. It tasted amazing. I was really impressed by the juice as well, since I am always really critical, when it comes to green juices. Sometimes they just taste healthy - but in a bad way, if you know what I mean. But this one is just perfect. Not too sweet and really refreshing.

For my dessert I had the most chocolaty brownie ever. These are also homemade. The mix of creamy chocolate and crunchy nuts was just the perfect way to end my visit.

I will definitely come back to Pola and can only recommend this cute tiny place to anyone, who wants to feel cozy while eating some fresh food in a welcoming atmosphere.


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