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Eating in Berlin: Pâtisserie Sarina

Unbezahlte Werbung - My experience at Sarina

What: Pâtisserie Sarina
Where: Windscheidstraße 22, 10627 Berlin

The other day my lovely friend Leticia and I went to check out the pretty cakes from Pâtisserie Sarina in Charlottenburg. They have been producing all of their yummy delicacies in their own bakery in Kreuzberg since 2012. There they bake exclusively with fresh, fine, natural ingredients such as eggs from free-range chicken or fair trade chocolate and also pay attention to seasonal and regional ingredients. Even vegans and people with food intolerance won't go away empty handed. Just tell the lovely staff and you will be taken care of.

The cafe is quite small, but super cozy. Decorated with fun garlands on the ceiling, vintage pieces, flowers and velvety chairs, the whole cafe has the perfect "living-room-feeling". 

We started out with some delicious coffee and of course had to try the amazing cakes. There are so many to choose from and you can see all the hard work and love, that is put into making these lovely creations. Each tarte has it's own design and flavor-combination and we really didn't know which ones to pick first. In the end Leticia went for a lemon-flavor and I had apple. They were both absolutely delicious and not too sweet. I really don't like when cakes are overly sweetened, but at Sarina's they are just right.

Although the cafe is called Pâtisserie, you can not only get sweet things here. They also sell a variety of breakfasts. So we had to give them a try as well, of course. Leticia had some poached eggs on toast with salmon and I went for some vanilla yoghurt with fruits and nuts, as well as the so called "green breakfast" (it's a bread basket, along with fruit, jam, avocado, grilled veggies and hummus). They make everything on the spot in their kitchen, so it will be totally fresh and delicious. Also the presentation is super stunning and will look adorable on your instagram :D My personal breakfast-fave was the avocado and hummus. Perfect dips for a filling start into your day.

After that, we were so stuffed. We couldn't fit any more in, but there were still so many cakes to try. So we just decided to buy a few and take them home. They got us little paper bags to carry them safely as well - so don't worry about accidentally squishing them on your way home.