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Eating in Berlin: Chupenga

What: Chupenga
Where: Mohrenstrasse 42, 10117 Berlin

Yesterday my lovely friend Leticia and I went to Chupenga for an early lunch to try "probably the best burritos in Berlin".

We got there at 11am (exactly when they open), so we were all by ourselves at first and could take our time ordering and exploring the little restaurant. But be aware, that around 12 the whole restaurant is totally packed.
The interior is pretty modern with geometric and urban influences. One of the lovely owners, Anna, told us about their close work with a talented graphic designer, who also did all the branding for packaging and advertisement. 

The restaurant has an open kitchen, so you can stalk all the chefs, while they are preparing your food. Chupenga is all about transparency and healthy food to make you feel energized throughout the day. They prepare everything in the store from scratch, using fresh ingredients. Together with a mexican chef, they created authentic mexican inspired dishes. But the best thing is, you can mix any ingredients you wish and create your very own personalized meal.  
Their food can be combined according to individual preferences and needs, serving meat lovers and vegans alike and offering a range of choices to people with food intolerances. So I am sure, that you will find something you love at Chupenga. 

Leticia and I started our big lunch of with a bag of tacos along with some homemade guacamole. The guacamole is mashed by hand, made with freshly chopped cilantro and lime several times a day. You can really taste the freshness. We also loved the adorable presentation in the paper bag. Definitely a great photogenic snack for insta-lovers.

For our mains, Leticia went for a meaty burrito stuffed with several veggies and I had a so called "Naked burrito", which is served in a bowl, mixed with veggies, rice, lentils, sour cream and guacamole. It looked so fresh and colorful and tasted amazing as well.
The staff is super friendly and will help you with all your needs. Along with our yummy food, we had some homemade lemonade, which you can refill during your stay for free. I love how literally everything at Chupenga is freshly made on the spot.

To end our stay at Chupenga, we had to have desert. The food filled us up so much though, that shared our amazing chocolate cake. IT WAS FUCKING DELICIOUS! Really heavy, but literally a chocolate dream, topped with caramelized almonds.

We will definitely come back and try out all the other food combinations possible.


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