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Eating in Amsterdam: Sla

Unbezahlte Werbung - Last weekend my boyfriend and I spent some time in Amsterdam. I was my first time ever being in Holland and of course I had to try the amazing dutch food. We went to eat at a lot of different places, which i will tell you all about in another post very soon, but today I want to introduce you to Sla.

What: SLA
Where: There are a few different locations. You can check them on a little map here.

The family business SLA is an organic salad bar and very vegan or vegetarian-friendly. Their aim is to make people feel good through their fresh and whole foods. "Every bite helps to build your health and that of the earth. SLA is for anyone who wants to be healthier, cleaner and eat more consciously." What first drew me in to the lovely organic restaurant was the amazing interior. It's super minimal with a ton of plants. Everything is white with cool wooden and industrial accents. (Totally instagrammable :))

You can order at the little bar downstairs, where the staff will prepare your food right in front of your eyes. You can pick and choose all the ingredients and either get a pre-selected bowl or make up your totally own mixture. (There is also soup and hummus on the menu.) The people working there are super friendly and will help you with any questions or dietary requirements. Once everything is freshly prepared you can pick a cozy spot to eat your dish.

I went for the vegan falaffel bowl with loads of good veggies inside and Till went for the carrot-soup. Both was absolutely delicious and you can really taste the freshness of the locally grown ingredients. Along with our meals we both had a fresh smoothie. (We had the so called "green smoothie" and "purple smoothie", but you could also make up your own smoothie as well.)

I would totally recommend this lovely little place to anyone, who needs some vitamins, while exploring Amsterdam. Super central and super yummy. And you will definitely get a cute picture out of the whole experience as well


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