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Festive Evenings.

The other night we organized a little christmassy evening at Lea's house. Every time I come to her place, I am blown away by the interior-skills she and her flatmate bring to the table. Once you enter you instantly feel welcome and cozy. 

They even have a christmas tree and an advent wreath, which makes the whole situation even more festive. 

I think its really important to take time out in this (mostly) hectic month of december. I have to study for uni, finish projects, buy a ton of presents for friends and family and get everything organized at the same time. But I find it very calming to actually think about the beautiful aspects of this special and festive month, leading up to christmas eve and the holiday time. 
Christmas is a time to renew bonds of love. It's a wonderful time, when loved ones can show appreciation for each other. It's also a great time to use that love to build bridges of understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness. 

"Christmas is best enjoyed when it isn't centered on decorations, gifts, or festivities, but when love is at its core. Love is the essence of Christmas. Christmas should mean taking quality time with your family and friends. It's about cherishing and celebrating the love you share. — Jesus"

That guy Jesus was a smart ass man and he really knew what he was saying. 
So I am really trying to fit in some cozy festive evenings here and there, some mulled wine, some ginger bread or freshly baked cookies, reading books, watching christmassy movies or listening to old winter-songs...whatever it is, it calms me down and just makes me soak up this magic month completely.

For a good christmas party you need: awesome people, an awesome christmas tree, awesome christmas music and awesome food. 
We got our food from Gregory'sThe chain Gregory's Coffee & Snacks is growing steadily and originally comes from Greece, but has now been in Berlin for one year. They have a little cafe right on Alexander Platz (central Berlin), but also cater for events or little parties. I already worked with the lovely company for my birthday party and I was really pleased, so I contacted them again and was definitely not disappointed.
At Gregory's, you will be able to enjoy your favorite coffee daily, as you like it, cold and hot drinks in exclusive flavors, delicious pasta specialties, freshly prepared salads, delicious hot and cold sandwiches, aromatic specialties from the oven, sweet, nutritious and healthy Small snacks, yoghurt, fresh juices, as well as much more ... Everything is made fresh from natural Greek ingredients, based on their own recipes.
It's super easy to work with them, we just picked up our food and brought it home. We got some sweet croissants, some little buns with sausages and cheese, some vegan falaffel wraps and some with tuna too. Everything was really yum.

Definitely let me know your must-haves for the perfect christmassy-get-together-evening.