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Berlin's manufactories all in one store.

Today I want to introduce you all to "EAT BERLIN". This shop is located in central Berlin, right at "Hackesche-Markt-station". They also have an online-shop though - so don't worry if you are not from Berlin.

A little hidden in the courtyard 7 of the touristy area "Hackesche Höfe" in Berlin-Mitte, you can find the small shop full of manufactured delicatessen.  EAT BERLIN offers sweet and sour goodies as well as hearty and high percentage alcoholic beverages. All products come from Berlin and are still manufactured in small quantities by hand. 
But they not only sell products from all different manufactories, they also even have their own line of items, that they made themselves. It all started of with a range of salad dressings, but now they even have a so called "curry-wurst-maker", which is my personal favorite. (It is basically a handmade curry-mixture you can use for your all kind of dishes you want to prepare, but has the original berlin curry-wurst feeling.)

Marius, the store manager, runs the shop on his own basically. He was telling me a lot about the lovely products and it was quite hard for him to pic his favorite. "It's either the cinnamon-liquor, which I like in a hot chocolate, coffee or mulled wine in the winter time for a bit of a spicy taste", he said, "or the Schuster's spice mix." Those mixes already contain all the spices you need for a specific recipe, which is written on the back of each box and then you can just throw everything in and you are done. 

I was really astonished by the personal relationship Marius and Adam (the founder of EAT BERLIN) have with all the manufacturers. They know them personally and want to spread these friendly comforting vibes to the customers as well. Meaning that you can read about who actually made every single product in the shop, on little cards next to each item. 
On my way through the shop I also discovered the Berliner Brandstifter spirits, I wrote about in my last post. If you want to read more about all of the companies they work with click here.

I tested all the products they produce themselves and I can totally recommend them to you (maybe even as a last minute christmas present?!) You can really taste the freshness and great healthy ingredients, that go into the making of each single product. The love and time, that is put into the packaging just adds to the full experience. 

I am definitely coming back to the store to stock up on their sauces and I am sure, you will always find a new product you haven't tried yet.


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