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Berliner Brandstifter.

The task of finding awesome presents for friends and family in december can be a challenge. When I was googling like crazy to find the perfect fit, I stumbled across "Berline Brandstifter".
They are a company from Berlin (never would have thought that ey?!), that committed itself to the development and production of particularly noble spirits with an independent character. I have to say I was first of all drawn to their products, because of the lovely design and packaging, but there is so much more behind the fancy liquors.
All the ingredients for the Berlin Brandstifter spirits are grown on a farm specially built for Berliner Brandstifter and harvested by hand. The drinks are produced in small batches and hand-filled. This ensures that every bottle fulfills the high quality requirements. In addition to sustainable raw materials, fair production conditions are really important to the company, so they work together with a community of disabled people in the pre-production. And don't you worry if you are vegan. The spirits are completely gluten and cruelty free without any coloring and preservatives. Jackpot!

I even got to visit their office in central Berlin. They have some great interior skills I must say.

Now you are probably thinking to yourself: Great! So there is a company, who sells some kind of vegan, fair trade spirits in Berlin. But what exactly do they offer?
I want to present you all 3 of their exclusive drinks.

Dry Gin

The vision for this product was to create a gin that carries the spirit of Berlin within. The summer in the city, when the elderberry blossoms and all these different impressions you get of the city, all these fragrances and flavors held in a bottle of gin. The fresh taste of the Berlin Brandstifter Gins is reminiscent of a carefree summer day in the city. To me it tastes really fresh and fruity.
Here you can find some drink-recipes you could try with this baby.

The berlin Vodka

It is made from particularly high-quality French sugar beets and refined with typical Berlin blossoms and botanicals. Wild rose, elderberry, violet root, black currant and cornflower representing the scent of the wild city gardens of Berlin. They give Berlin Vodka its subtle floral and fruity note.
(it was even awarded the German Design Award 2017)

The Premium Kornbrand

It is exceptionally pure and its particularly mild tasting.
The wheat is subjected to a complex, multiple distillation process and a sevenfold filtration. It achieves its maximum degree of purity.
The Berlin firebrand Kornbrand is awarded the golden medal of the ISW International Spirits Award 2016 as the "Clear Spirit of the Year Germany". I love mixing it with some fruitjuice or just anything sweet. Together with the fine aromas of the wheat as a subtle note it creates a refreshing beverage.
Awesome recipes to try with the premium Kornbrand are here.

I will definitely gift some of my family members with a special bottle of Berliner Brandstifter spirits. To me it's such a cool gift idea and maybe it helped some of you to find just the right gift for your relatives this christmas.


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