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Room tour.

Unbezahlte Werbung - "The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned. "
On my instagram I often show you all some snaps of my room and lately I have been getting loads of requests to do a room tour. Because I am actually planning to move out soon (finding a flat that fits, is not that easy though) I felt, it was the perfect moment to show you some insights of my little space. 
I tried to keep everything kind of white and minimalistic. When I come home, I want o relax and not feel overwhelmed by tons of clutter. I am also a big fan of giving things away. Either to friends and family or to shelters with people in need. That way, I get rid of all these things I don't actually use and need and can make others happy at the same time. But back to my room. 

If you want to know where a certain piece is from:
Pillows (white) : IKEA
Pillow (brown): Westwing
Polaroids: Clixxie
Shelf: Westwing
Ceramic bowls: Westwing
Candles: Durance
Jewelry chest: Vintage
Leather pouf: Maison de Marrakech
Planner: Odernichtoderdoch
Crystal: my lovely grandma
Ganesha: Travel souvenir

I hope you liked the little insight into my room and the stuff I own. I always find it super interesting to see how people live. And my room is not always that clean, I am telling you! Actually I have to stop blogging now and start cleaning up. 


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