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Eating in Berlin: Mirika

What: Mirika
Where: Prinzenstraße 103, Kreuzberg Berlin

Really close to the S-bahn station "Prinzenstraße" in Berlin you can find the modern cafe Mirika. It stands out with its modern architecture and club-like atmosphere. 
Julia and I tried out their breakfast and started of with some nice warm tea. It was decorated really beautifully and had some interesting flavor due to the mix of infused herbs.

For food we had to try their pancakes. Julia ordered the sweet option with caramelized banana, roasted almonds, rum cranberries topped with maple syrup and I ordered the salty version with fried veggies and bacon (just without the bacon). So all you veggie-friends out there: Never be afraid to ask, if they can leave out the meat on a dish. It's so easy and basically it's possible to make anything vegetarian, if it's not a ready-made meal. In the end we shared both of them, so we could try everything. 
Both pancakes were really yummy, although it was not really enough to fill us up to be honest and it's kind of pricy. But for a little snack in between its great. 



  1. Yummyyy! Plane gerade meinen nächsten Berlin-Trip, da müssen wir einen deiner Food-Tipps gemeinsam besuchen!
    Liebste Grüße


    1. JAAAA! Wann kommst du denn Süße? :)