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Eating in Berlin: Bun Bao

What: Bun Bao
Where: Kollwitzstrasse 84, 10435 Berlin

I was so exited to try out Bun Bao with my friend Lisa today. They claim to have the finest asian burgers. Whatever that is supposed to mean. I have never had an "asian" burger before. What even makes a burger "asian"? Well, we were about to find out. 
You will spot the restaurant from far down the street, because of it's bright blue benches surrounding the entrance. It is decorated with plants and some cute little pumpkins. Inside you get crazy asian-busy-city-vibes. Why you may ask? The ceiling is covered in huge screens, which actually show pictures separated into pixels, so you can only guess, what the screen is showing.  This artwork really transports you into some busy asian metropole. 
But besides that, you will find the typical buddha and some cool origami flowers on the tables. 

Bun Bao are making all of their dishes a 100% themselves. Although they also have yummy noodle bowls on their menu, we obviously went for the burgers. We both had vegetarian options, but there are plenty of meat-options too. 
The burger will come in a cute asian basket with a fluffy rice-bun, loads of coriander, fresh veggies and topped with some crunchy peanuts. With that, we ordered some super delicious and cross sweet potato fries.  For drinks we had some ginger tea, sweetened with honey. This meal didn't only look amazing, it tasted absolutely fantastic as well. 

We felt super welcome as well. Vu (the manager) was serving us and told us a bit about BunBao's history and how he started with a little stand at Markthalle9 (for all you non-berlin-people: it's a little streetfood market hall in Kreuzberg, Berlin) and now has his own restaurant since 2015. 
It was a great place for a yummy and filling lunch and i would definitely recommend anyone to check it out for a little twist on your regular burger. (And make sure to check the toilets as well - it feels like a giant disco down there :))


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