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Apple picking.

From the tree into a pie - a lovely October day of apple picking.

When my friend Rebecca and her boyfriend suggested to go apple picking, I was so exited and all for it. Apparently it's a traditional american thing to go pick your own apples from a field in autumn. I had never done it before, since i grew up in a city and never had the chance to pick my own fruit and veg. But that made me even more exited. 
We drove to a little farm, north from Berlin. They have apples, plums and pears there on a pretty wide field. So we literally just went on the field and picked the ones we liked from the trees. Of course we had a little taste test every now and then. Also it was really helpful to have two tall guys with us to get the most juicy ones from high up :) 

In the end you just have to weigh your little box and pay per kg. After our successful picking-session we wanted to use our collected treasure right away, so we decided to backe a yummy apple pie. Such a nice autumny thing to do on a weekend with your friends. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. And the best part is eating your cake with some hot tea cuddled up on the couch and you know it's made with your hand picked apples. There is nothing more pleasing than that :D 
Here is a great apple pie recipe you can try out.


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