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My trip to: Hamburg

Unbezahlte werbung - When I turned 20 in July my boyfriend giftet me with a weekend trip to Hamburg. Living in berlin it's a relaxed 3 hour-trip with the bus and just the perfect distance for a nice short trip to explore and unwind. We have both been to Hamburg before, but in my opinion this beautiful seaport is always worth a trip.

We arrived at noon on a Friday and checked into our Airbnb apartment. It was small, but really cute and kind of »hipstery« (just how i like it) and the most important thing: very central and located with great transport connections.

After wandering around a little bit and having a lovely late lunch at Cha Cha  (a nice asian restaurant) we arrived at the 20up bar

We had only heard the best about this wonderful bar and it was something we definitely wanted to experience on our short trip. The elegant bar is - as the name may already suggest - located in its exclusive location on the 20th floor of the building. Anyone can drop in for a cocktail here without booking a hotel room and enjoy breathtaking views of the harbor in a classy atmosphere. 

The cocktails we tried were all absolutely amazing and decorated with lots of love for detail and the whole team working there is super friendly and will also assist you with your pictures, that you are going to want to take FOR SURE. 

We also went for a great healthy brunch at Urban Foodie. They serve wonderful natural, organic and freshly made food and even focus on sustainability and fair-trade ingredients. And me being the little interior-freak I am, was also really impressed by the decoration and interior-design inside the lovely deli. Make sure to come on a Saturday as well to be able to try the brunch-menu and eat the avocado-hummus bread. Its super yummy and healthy! But don't worry, if you are not vegetarian - they have lovely meat dishes as well and the staff will even explain exactly where the meat is from and how its produced and processed, if you are interested.

I want to keep this short and sweet, so I am not going to document every single thing we did, but something i can definitely recommend to anyone coming to Hamburg is a harbor-tour. There are tons of different companies offering little trips on a boat, exploring and explaining the harbor with you and it was honestly so interesting to learn little facts and details, like how it's Germany's largest port and is named the country's "Gateway to the World".

Something that is also definitely worth checking out the is famous "Speicherstadt". The Speicherstadt is a collection of brick warehouses adjacent to the main port area of the time. It’s not just any old bunch of buildings, though – it’s the largest warehouse complex in the world. It's quite impressive to wander through the streets and the many bridges you will find in this area.

If you are into shopping, the "Jungfernstieg" is a "must-see" for you. I personally just liked looking at all the expensive stores though and enjoying the amazing view of the public waterfront-plaza with and the lake's fountain.

I really loved staying in Hamburg and wanted to thank all of you at this point, who were so kind to recommend awesome places to me via instagram.
Sadly we couldn't check out all the places, due to our short stay. But we loved the »Schanzenviertel« or the »Karolinenviertel«, which some of you named us.

Here are some more little impressions of out lovely stay. 

Remember to always go to new places and keep on traveling.

"Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit. " - Frank Borman