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My bucket list.

We should all have a bucket list in our lifes. So I am sharing mine today and maybe it inspires some of you to do the same. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity. 

First of all you might ask yourself: why the hell do I need a bucket list?

Thinking about your list will remind you of your 'why.' So often, we are consumed by 'how' to do something. In the process we overlook why we want these things, in essence, if we don't know 'why', the 'how' makes little difference. The 'why' defines our purpose and helps to provide some motivation to persist in spite of the challenges along the way. Also you make use of  the law of attraction. By writing down want you want to achieve, you come one step closer to actually doing it. Communicate your dreams and share them with others. This makes them real and transforms your dreams into actual future plans.

So here are 50 things I want to do before i die: 

1. Traveling to Thailand. 
2. Acting in a movie or a TV spot.
3. Attending a midsummer-party in Sweden or generally going to Sweden.
4. Riding a bike through Amsterdam. ✔︎
5. Working as a full-time blogger and setting up my own business.
6. Learning another language.
7. Going surfing on Hawaii.
8. Staying in this amazing hotel, where you see fishes through the floor on Bora Bora.
9. Having a white cliche wedding and becoming a mummy.
10. Making a difference in the Body-image-movement and preventing eating disorders.
11. Going on a safari-trip.
12. Sleeping in a treehouse for one night.
13. Riding an elephant and a camel.
14. Visiting the "Wizarding world of Harry Potter" in Orlando.
15. Staying on a yacht for a few days.
16. Meditating in India.
17. Trying out Reiki. ✔︎
18. A roadtrip through Australia.
19. Getting my drivers licence. ✔︎
20. Watching the sunset in Kapstadt.
21. Having a romantic horse ride on the beach.
22. Watching a horse race and wearing a fancy hat.
23. Swimming in an infinity pool.
24. Taking a picture on the tallest building in Dubai.
25. Attending the carneval in cologne.
26. Run or maybe walk a marathon.
27. Dancing on a masquerade ball.
29. Bathing in a hot spring in Island.
30. Visiting stonehenge.
31. Listening to a concert in the Royal albert hall.
32. Watching the Lantern Festival in Taiwan.
33. Traveling with a private jet.
34. Learn how to mix cocktails.
35. Donate my hair for cancer patients.
36. Grow my own vegetables.
37. See a psychic.
38. Be a bridesmaid at one of my friend's wedding.
39. Shower in a waterfall.
40. Adopt a dog.
41. Finally complete a Harry Potter marathon.
42. Burry a time capsule and actually open it again.
43. Go skinny dipping.
44. See an active volcano.
45. Publish a book.
46. Go on a cruise around the Caribbean.
47. Practicing Yoga in Bali.✔︎
48. Being financially stable and able to donate kids in need.
49. Fight against racism.
50. Being happy and healthy.

What are your top10 things you want to do before you die? I am so exited to hear your aims and wishes.



  1. Das mit Thailand müssen wir echt mal machen, Maus!!!
    Liebste virtuelle Vermissungsknuddler und -bussis


  2. Willst du nach der Hochzeit Mama oder Mumie werden? :D Ich mach nur Spaß, ich kannte das Wort "mummy" nur als Mumie und war kurz irritiert. Google sagt, es bedeutet beides :D Schöner Beitrag ansonsten

    1. Hahahaha jetzt musste ich wirklich laut lachen! Mumie dann doch nur für Halloween :D Danke für deinen Kommentar meine Liebe! :)