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Fruity Paradies

Fruit is such a gift from our planet earth. Its yummy and incredibly healthy. Fruit has so many magical powers to fuel and heal our bodies. I was sent a fruitbox and I want to tell you all about it and the benefits of these delicious, sweet gems.

With fruitbox you can put together a box for yourself, or your team at work or even a party and they will deliver it right to your preferred address. Fresh and organic, of course. You will have a gigantic selection of different fruits. Also some that you wouldn't always find in your local supermarket. In addition to that all their packaging is totally recyclable and therefore sustainable. 
I got a box that even contained smoothies. Perfect for a morning vitamin shot. The companies' aim is to make it easier having fresh fruit at home at all times and provide you with the perfect natural energy sources of our planet.

Eating so much fruit the last couple of days, I wanted to tell you a bit about what kind of health benefits some of them have for you. 
Most fruits and vegetables are naturally low in calories, fat, and sodium. They don't contain cholesterol, and are packed full of dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals - including vitamins A&C, potassium, and folic acid (folate).

What is in it, that is good for you? 
The pectin, various vitamins, for example vitamin A and minerals, for example potassium

What does it do?
Regulates digestion, lowers cholesterol, reduces over-acidification, stabilizes blood pressure, heart and vessels
Improves immunity: combats bacteria, prevents tooth decay, heals inflammation

What is in it, that is good for you?
Vitamin C, potassium, water

What does it do?
detoxifying, deacidifying, blood purifying

What is in it, that is good for you?
Glucose, vitamins, fiber, Mineral: potassium salts

What does it do?
soothes nervous system

What is in it, that is good for you?
pectin, B vitamins, Minerals: potassium

What does it do?
helps with kidney disease, strengthens circulation, works dehydrating and detoxifying

What is in it, that is good for you?
Vitamins A, C, Calcium, iron

What does it do?
is great for eyesight, soothes the central nervous system

Although it's getting colder and colder (at least here in Berlin) we should always make sure to get our fruits and veggies in. What is your favorite fruit? 


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