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My sustainability project: Erlich-Textil

Advertisement/ Werbung: This is the first post of a series i want to start about sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Of course I don't pledge to be the perfect "organicly living, smoothie drinking, zero-waist-woman", but i think also small steps to a more sustainable lifestyle are quite important these days.

Fairtrade has been shown to increase standards of living and reduce risk and vulnerability for farmers and workers. The Fairtrade Minimum Price provides a safety net for farmers which can mean they are less vulnerable to price volatility. In turn, this can mean a better cash flow, greater access to credit and the ability to save more easily. While many still struggle with low incomes, the security that Fairtrade can offer means they are able to better plan and invest in their future.

Most of the time we don't really think about who actually made the products we buy, or under which conditions it was produced, but once you actually do your research and see how people are literally locked in the factories, so they can't run away or how even little children have to work, so they can make it through the day - it will always be stuck in your head.

So i want to start a project for myself: The sustainability project.
What a creative name - i know.

I want to incorporate more and more fairtrade, eco-friendly and sustainable products into my daily life and share my little steps with you.

Today  want to introduce the brand "Erlich Textil". They are a very young start-up founded in 2015 and make timeless basics, that are directly sold from the production to your home. So there is no retailer involved to keep the price authentic and at it's original cost. They are extremely transparent in their making process and completely fair-trade. Everything is made from organic cotton and produced in europe. They even make sure to use eco-friendly packaging. When i ordered a "Marlene Stringbody" from their shop, it arrived in a completely recyclable plastic wrap packaged in a cute paper box. 

I was super happy with it and had to wear it out straight away. The only thing i have to warn you about is, because the material is so delicate and soft you have to definitely wear something under, if you don't want to free the nipple.
The following pictures were taken at Prachtwerk (a lovely cafe i can only recommend to my Berlin friends).

If you have any fave sustainable or eco-friendly brands you would like to share with me, I'd be more than happy. Have a wonderful day everybody!

Ou and feel free to let me know, what you do to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


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