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More than a number.

You are more than a fucking number. And we all just need to internalize that right now.

Body Image and Body Confidence is a topic really close to my heart. Coming from an eating disorder past I can totally relate to all the issues that come up with feeling unsure about your body, constantly wanting to change and not feeling good enough. 
From just being shy, because your body isn't #bodygoals on instagram to really hating yourself through and through and sitting on the bathroom floor silently cursing every calorie you ate today.  I have been through it all. 
The sad thing is: I know I am not alone with a story like that. I know there are tons of girls and boys out there struggling. It's scary to see, that even in my own circle of friends I know almost a handful of girls, that had or are still having trouble with an eating disorder, body dysmorphia or are just generally depressed, because they apparently don't reach the standards of todays society.  

Why do we all feel the need to change? Why the fuck? I have asked myself that question tons of times. Imagine if tomorrow women just woke up and decided to be happy about heir bodies...imagine how many industries would go out of business. We constantly get told, that we NEED to change. No wonder we are all extremely unsure of ourselves. 
Also if you want to be trendy and sexy you have to willing to change fast all the time.  A few years ago you had to be stick thin, then a fat booty was sexy...but wait - is that "skinny fat" now?! Make sure you have a slim waist though and big boobs. Slim thick is the new thing now. 

Wait! What?

Who on earth makes these things up? There is no wrong way to have a body. And we are not supposed to look all the same. Liking yourself and standing by it in this world is a rebellious act and I challenge you all to do a 12 day confidence boost with me. 

The confidence boost:

You can start whenever you want. Just start today! And it would make me super happy, if you could give me some feedback once you did it! :) Let's spread love and happiness together.