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Good night - sleep tight.

I have been struggling with insomnia lately and it fucking sucks. So here are some tips from gemstones over yoga for a good night rest, that might help you as well.

I have never had problems with sleeping before. I was one of these lucky people that could even sleep while others were partying or even on a busy plane and in my golden days i could even sleep whilst waiting for the bus....standing. Yup that was me.

But for whatever reason that recently changed and i started to have sleepless night and just staying up with just one or two hours of sleep if i am lucky and then being an emotional wreck and extremely weird (yaaaas even weirder than normally) during daytime due to my lack of sleep.

I still haven't found the answer to where this sleeplessness comes from.

Apparently "Insomnia can be caused by psychiatric and medical conditions, unhealthy sleep habits, specific substances, and/or certain biological factors. " At least thats what the sleepfoundation tells me. It can come from making the wrong food choices, mental problems and anxiety, physical problems like back pain and loads more. Although i don't know why the hell i have this problem at the moment I have to do something against it, cause as unimportant as it may seem - a good night of sleep is something you will absolutely appreciate once it was taken from you for a while.

So I did some research to not only better my own situation but maybe you can use some as well to have a wonderful beauty rest as well.

How to sleep like a baby:

  1. Sleep in darkness. Close your curtains and shut your windows. Melatonine (the sleep hormone) is only produced in the dark.
  2. Schedule your next day. If you have everything sorted and all your appointments on track you will have less annoying thoughts buzzing around in your head when all you want to do is sleep.
  3. Turn of your phone. I am guilty for small (or actually long) phone sessions in my bed before i close my eyes. But right before going to bed shouldn't be the moment to stalk others on instagram or have a youtube marathon. The blue light on the screen is extremely disruptive.
  4. Do bedtime yoga. A short yoga session or just some stretches before bedtime can be remarkably effective to relax your muscles and clearing your head for an easy sleep.
  5. Make sleep a priority. We often have so much to do, that we actually don't really have time to sleep. But even if we are swamped with work we should always make sure to plan in enough sleep (7-8 hours). 

How to sleep like a baby for my holistic friends:

And here are some more tips for my more spiritual friends. I personally strongly believe in the power of mother nature and love to work with crystals and aroma therapy. If you want to try trusting in those magical powers as well this is for you:

  1. Amethyst. Placing an Amethyst under your pillow before you go to sleep increases your dreams, helps you remember your dreams and chases away nightmares. if that is too uncomfortable you can also try to just focus on it's energy and maybe holding it while you are falling asleep or placing it next to your bed.
  2. Quartz. Quartz Crystals also help you with pleasant dreams.
  3. Selenite. Selenite will help you to actively battle your insomnia. It stands for positive energy, cleansing your body and rejuvenating your aura, so that you have a refreshing and restful sleep.
  4. Lavender. Lavender is very useful to lower your anxiety and just calm you down in general. It's scent will slow down the nervous system. You can use lavender body oil, a roomspray or the plant itself.
  5. Vanilla. Vanilla is famous for being a potent relaxer. In fact, people who smelled vanilla while completing a stress test had more stable heart rates and better blood pressure readings than those who took the stress test in an unscented room.
  6. Sandalwood. Sandalwood used to be called "food for the gods" in the olden days. It has a sedative effect on the nervous system.  It is supposed to relax the brain waves and induce sleep. 
  7. Mantra music. Relaxing music just does it for me personally. It totally calms me down. I have  gathered a whole playlist of relaxing mantras and songs i listen to when i am just totally stressed out. These are good to meditate to or just to fall asleep. Here are 3 of my faves:
I hope you will be able to use some of my tips and i wish you all a good night sleep!


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