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Go with the flow.

First of all welcome to my blog. I am Hannah and this is my first ever post. I want this blog to be about having a beautiful mindset, positive affirmations and just a greater outlook on life.

Let me start today with a short post about an experience I had on my recent trip to Portugal with my boyfriend. We headed over to Peniche (on the west coast) to surf and explore the country a bit.

With every trip you do, you are enriching your life and widening your horizons. Meeting new people, trying new food and getting inspired by a different culture. For us the "surfing culture" over there was totally new and refreshing.

Through our surfing lessons and just hanging out at the beach a lot we met a ton of surfers. Most of them were globetrotters just wandering around the world, staying where the liked the area and if they had enough, they just packed their stuff and headed somewhere else.
Living out of their suitcases, making just enough money from teaching others how to surf and being the epitome of spontaneity. The way they were so relaxed and completely free of any conventional expectations seemed so unreal to me. I am not a crazy stressed out person, a philistine or a workaholic, but just letting go of everything - just living in the moment without any real future plans - that seems a little crazy to me.

I am afraid that "one day" is only two words we say. - Jack Johnson

But just as my favorite surfer and singer Jack said: Why should you be afraid to try things? Just do it! Just live in the moment and do what makes you happy. Most of the time it's easier said than done, but just living with all these extremely relaxed surfers for a week and soaking up their vibes really opened my eyes in some way. We should all try to be less afraid of what other people may think or what might be expected of us. We can make our own choices and decisions and live the life we want to live - however we may design it. We can choose the wave we want to ride and sometimes we might have to wait a bit to catch a good wave, or some of us will have to paddle out to another spot to find the right wind for them. In the end all that counts is that we don't stress ourselves out about reaching certain goals that society apparently expects of us.

I myself still don't know where i might end up, what i might be doing exactly in 10 years, but I realized in that moment, that its ok. It's ok not to have everything planned out, to have doubts and concerns. It's ok to just go with the flow sometimes.

Have a great day everyone!

Namaste, Hannah

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  1. Hallo Hannah!

    I thought I'd say 'hi' as I just discovered your blog. I've been finding so much inspiration and peace in your Instagram and then realised you had a blog as well!! I'm loving your posts, your constant positivity, your recipes, and how "real" you are with your readers/followers. I've even started incorporating your "morning mantra" idea into my daily routine and it is amazing the difference it makes! Thank you for being such a beautiful soul, and sharing that with the world. From Michigan USA to Berlin Germany, sending hugs and love.