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Eating in Berlin: TakTak

What: tak tak
Where: Berlin Mitte

The polish deli TakTak is a fairly new little restaurant right next to Rosenthaler Platz. They only use organic high quality ingredients, focus on sustainability and all their dishes are homemade. So my friend Lisa and I had to find out what the polish kitchen was all about.

I have actually never had polish food before and didn't really know what to expect exactly. I also thought, that polish food was often based around meat, which isn't exactly perfect for a vegetarian. But I have good news for my veggie-friends: This cute deli actually tries to get away from that "Heavy on meat-image" and has a ton of veggie and even vegan options on offer.
Although nearly all the food is perfect for take-away and presented in a streetfood style, we wanted to enjoy the meal to the fullest and decided to sit down in front of the restaurant at some nicely decorated tables. 

Once you have ordered inside the small but very stylish and typically "berlin-hipstery-decorated" main room, the food will be brought out to you by a very friendly (and of course authentically polish) team. 

We both chose a big portion of pierogi (traditional filled dumplings) but with different fillings. We had "potato, cottage cheese and parmesan", "beetroot and goat cheese", "sauerkraut and mushrooms", as well as "lentils, mushrooms and curry". Everything was served sour cream, fried onions and a bit of melted butter. 

It was so delicious and the different fillings dipped in the sour cream went really well together. The outside of the dumpling tasted like regular pasta, but the rich and savory taste of the pierogi filling together with the pickled cucumbers was a new combination for us, but freaking yummy. I would totally recommend anyone, who has never really been in contact with polish food to try out TakTak. (If you are on the rush, go for a smaller portion though. We were there for quite a while, but really full and satisfied after and if you had a work meeting or anything you might feel a bit sleepy.)



  1. This looks AMAZING!

    Just found your blog and love it!

    Hannah | Oh January

    1. Awww that makes me super happy. I am glad you enjoy it! If you have any topics, you would like me to talk about let me know.