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Eating in Berlin: Spindler

Unbezahlte Werbung: I often get asked what I like to eat, what my diet is and which places i recommend in Berlin. So I want to show you my favorite spots. Today it's all about the elegant restaurant Spindler.

Where: Paul-Lincke-Ufer in Kreuzberg, Berlin

The restaurant is located in beautiful Kreuzberg, in a stunning old building with lots of charm. 
They have tables outside as well, but since we came at dinner-time and it's starting to get a little chilly here in Berlin, we chose a place inside. 

The first time coming into Spindlers will literally blow you away. 

There is a cozy and elegant atmosphere in the restaurant, that is underlined with some soft jazzy music in the background. 
It's furniture is picked with a great eye for detail. Every piece has it's own history. The tables were especially made for the restaurant and the massive chandelier was imported from London. 
Might be a little too much information, but i am a huge fan of the toilets as well. If i had my own house, I would decorate my bathroom just like theirs with lots of succulents, huge mirrors, minimal furniture and a black and white traditional tiled floor (imported from Marokko of course). 

You will feel instantly relaxed, not only because of the visually pleasing interior, but also because of the amazingly kind and friendly staff. The waiters want you to have the best night and everyone will make sure, you feel happy and comfortable.

But enough of the stunning interior and courteous staff. It's probably the food you want to know about. The style of food was described to us as a sort of "down-to-earth haute Cuisine". A lot of emphasis is put into seasonal, regional and homemade organic ingredients, which I really appreciate. 

Right when we sat down, we got offered a glas of sparkling wine and could enjoy it's fruity yet spicy taste together with some freshly baked bred and butter.

We started our dinner with a soup, that we shared. "A cold beetroot soup" was what we ordered. 
What we got, was a piece of art. 
The soup was brought in a tiny bottle and poured into the bowl in front of our eyes. You can already start to see the immense love for detail here. 
The soup was decorated with slices of cucumber, apple and celery, as well a topping of some yoghurt and chopped raisins. A crazy combination in my opinion,  but it all went together so smoothly and was really delicious.

For our mains it was quite hard to choose to be honest, because everything sounded like nothing i ever heard before and I would have loved to order literally everything, just out of curiosity. 
In the end i went for the "King oyster mushroom - dish", which i can honestly recommend to any vegetarian like me coming to Spindler. 
I didn't really know what to expect, when i ordered it, but what i got, topped anything. It was a celery-potato-mushroom-gratin, combined with wild broccoli, mascarpone and topped off with a buckwheat waffle. Again so different and fucking yummy. 
My boyfriend - not being vegetarian - had the "Dry aged roastbeef" together with potato puree, lettuce, mushrooms, shallots and onions, served with herbed butter. From his face, while he was eating I can tell you that he reaaally enjoyed it as well. 

When we saw the dessert menu, we just couldn't say no to it. Because we were totally overwhelmed and couldn't decide on which one to choose, we shared the "Raspberry and Cassis Sorbet", which included a shortcrust pastry and lemon, that was bursting with flavor and the "Warm chocolate cake", which tasted so rich in chocolate and had just the right consistency. When you took a bite it was a little crispy on the outside and totally creamy inside. Just perfect! 

All in all I can only warmly recommend you to check out Spindlers, when you are ever in Berlin. Just keep in mind, that the menu changes monthly and that you should definitely reserve in advance. 


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