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Eating in Berlin: Spindler

Unbezahlte Werbung: I often get asked what I like to eat, what my diet is and which places i recommend in Berlin. So I want to show you my favorite spots. Today it's all about the elegant restaurant Spindler.

My sustainability project: Erlich-Textil

Advertisement/ Werbung: This is the first post of a series i want to start about sustainability and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Of course I don't pledge to be the perfect "organicly living, smoothie drinking, zero-waist-woman", but i think also small steps to a more sustainable lifestyle are quite important these days.

Being an artsy girl.

I was asked on instagram to talk about how I decided to study design and my whole history with the arts. So here is the story how I became an artsy girl.

More than a number.

You are more than a fucking number. And we all just need to internalize that right now.

Good night - sleep tight.

I have been struggling with insomnia lately and it fucking sucks. So here are some tips from gemstones over yoga for a good night rest, that might help you as well.

Go with the flow.

First of all welcome to my blog. I am Hannah and this is my first ever post. I want this blog to be about having a beautiful mindset, positive affirmations and just a greater outlook on life.